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OED60K fermented industrial defoaming agent

OED60K fermented industrial defoaming agent
  • OED60K fermented industrial defoaming agent
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English name: Antifoam OED60K
Level: food grade
Density (20): 1.00g/cm3
PH value: 7 (10% solutions)
Solubility: water dispersion
Fermentation: antifoaming products selected the first condition is that no pollution to the fermentation with microorganism clock toxicity. Defoamers can eliminate bubbles in overflow reduction and elimination of tank wall of sedimentation and avoid pollution of fermentation tanks. We recommend antifoam agents at 30 ℃-40 ℃ temperature range with better results.
Distillation-separating stages: antifoaming products selected the first condition: the terminal does not cause interference with the process, no trace of defoamer in the final product, using efficient and stable foam products is very important.
Evaporation-concentration phase: the recommended temperature range is: 80-120 ℃
Description: this product is based on epoxide alkyl ether as the main ingredient, processed by a special process of foam products, for new products. Colorless, transparent viscous liquid, odourless and tasteless; Low surface tension, is not volatile. With high stability for suppressing capacity, high speed, no separation, biodegradable. In line with FDA (United States food and Drug Administration) antifoaming agent (21CFR173-340) using the standard
Use: biochemical studies. Non-ionic surfactant.
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