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Silicone defoamers

Silicone defoamers
  • Silicone defoamers
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English name : Silicone defoamer

Level : BR
Water-soluble acid or alkali (P-H): 6 ~ 8
Solids content (136 ℃ * 1小时): ≥15%
Stability: 15 minutes / 2,000 rpm
Usage: This defoamer can be directly diluted with water with a temperature of 20 ~ 35 ℃, the operation side was gradually added while stirring defoamer desired dose of water, stirring to maintain uniform dispersion defoamer added, dilution high shear mixing should be avoided. diluted defoamers should not go far, a small amount of precipitate caused by long time does not affect the performance, users will be ready for use after it shake. to extend the diluted defoamers pot life, the user can be dissolved thickener solution was diluted with a water-soluble polymer is recommended as the thickener, a concentration of about 1 to 2%
Appearance: milky white emulsion thicker, with anti-foaming power, high temperature, non-volatile, high chemical stability, easy chemical reaction, non-toxic, physiologically inert characteristics and blistering media occur.
Use: Biochemical studies used in coatings, fermentation, paper and resin technology, synthetic washing, cleaning agent production process
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