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Chrome fog inhibitor

Chrome fog inhibitor
  • Chrome fog inhibitor
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English name : Chromic acid fog inhibitor
CAS: 83329-89-9
Formula : C10ClF20KO4S

Level : F-53B
Content : ≥98.0%
Melting point : 285 ± 2 ℃
Characters : white or slightly yellow crystalline powder chrome fog inhibitors are mainly : F-53 chrome fog inhibitor ( perfluoroalkyl polyoxyethylene sulfonate, potassium ), FC-80 chrome fog inhibitor ( perfluorooctane sulfonate potassium ), ZM-830 non- fluorinated chromium fog inhibitor
Use: Biochemical studies chrome chromic acid solution is usually a high concentration (CrO3 250g / L, H2SO42.5g / L) for the chrome liquid chrome liquid cathode current efficiency is poor (10 % to 15% ), the anode is insoluble. lead electrodes on the poles rapidly produce hydrogen and oxygen, is easy to form a large number of harmful chromium mist to escape. this is not only caused great waste, but also seriously endanger the health of operators, but also enable machines, equipment and other corrosion. chrome was added a small amount of special surfactant as chrome fog inhibitor, so that the surface tension of the liquid chrome greatly reduced, suppressing the generation of chromic acid mist
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