Azo amidine initiator VA061

Azo amidine initiator VA061

Product description:

English name : AIP; 22'-Azobis [2- (2-imidazolin-2-yl) propane]
Other names : azobis isopropyl imidazoline; azobis imidazolinyl propane
CAS: 20858-12-2

Level : High purity grade
Content : ≥98% (HPLC)
Melting point : 115 ~ 125 ℃
Activation energy : 114KJ / mol
Appearance: white or almost white crystalline powder, excluding cyano, is a water-soluble initiator miscible with methanol, can be dissolved in an acidic aqueous solution, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in toluene and hexane 10h half-life decomposition temperature. : 61 ℃ ( in methanol )
Use: Biochemical studies of polymer initiator, such as block copolymers of acrylic acid and its derivatives, graft copolymers of styrene, polymerization of propylene polymerization and functional polyvinyl acetate and an amine salt .
Save : RT, dark