Azodicarboxylic amide

Azodicarboxylic amide

Product description:

English Name: Azodicarbonamide; 11'-Azobisformamide
Other names: foaming agent AC; foaming agent ADC; diazenyl dimethylformamide; azobis formamide; azobis amine formylation
CAS: 123-77-3

C2H4N4O2 = 116.08

Level: High purity grade
Content: ≥99% (gas evolution)

Gas evolution: ≥215ml / g (20 ℃, 760mmHg)

Decomposition temperature: 205 ~ 210 ℃

Fineness: ≤0.1% (filter 38μm sieve residue)

Heating loss: ≤0.1%
Properties: white or light yellow to orange powder, soluble in alkali, insoluble in acid, alcohol, gasoline, benzene, pyridine and water above 120 ℃ decomposition, release a lot of nitrogen, in airtight containers could easily cause an explosion accident at room temperature. storage is very stable, non-corrosive to equipment having self-extinguishing. and rubber vulcanization accelerator and other non-reactive plastic compounding agents. Ba, Cd, Pb, Zn organic salts, soluble nitrite and thioredoxin salt can promote their decomposition. when the addition of ammonia, urea and glycerin derivatives, will reduce its decomposition temperature
Uses: mainly used in biochemical studies PVC, PE, PP, PS, EVA, ABS and rubber foam.
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