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Hot and cold bags cold compress hot packs ice bags cooling bags |

Hot and cold bags cold compress hot packs ice bags cooling bags |
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Amoy love thinking
  • Item No .: TLS-W69
  • made in China
  • Color classification: red blue
  • Time to market: Spring 2014

Hot and cold bag cooling bag 250g

Specifications: 13 * 23cm

'Instructions for use'
Cold: the cold and hot bags into the freezer pre-cooling more than 3 hours, or freezer 6 hours or more out.
Heat: the goods on the water (turn off the fire for a while), can be wiped out.

Note: It is best not to use microwave heating, if the control is not good will damage the product, if you use a certain microwave oven, please put the product into the water and then put into low temperature heating for 20 seconds.

clean: Hand wash gently with warm soapy water in warm water, dry before use, not machine washable, dry-cleaned and screwed.

1, the bag is only suitable for external use, such as inadvertent damage to the packaging so that the liquid dip and the eyes or skin, wash with water.
2, in order to prevent the temperature is too high or too low, the use of the best package with a towel or cotton, such as deposited with a sense of discomfort, should first put down a moment to re-apply, such as the user's circulatory system problems should consult a doctor .
3, do not put the bag into the water without microwave oven for heating.