Voioe | SA80 Solid State Power Amplifier CD | HD lossless audio | enthusiast HiFi2.0 passive speakers perfect match

Voioe | SA80 Solid State Power Amplifier CD | HD lossless audio | enthusiast HiFi2.0 passive speakers perfect match

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: voioe SA80
  • Amplifier Type: HIFI Amplifier
  • Brand: voioe
  • Model: SA80
  • Color Classification: Silver
  • Whether stage: HiFi
  • Channel: 2
  • Output Power: 80 * 2 = 160W
  • Size: L353 * W353 * H199
  • Weight: 7.1KG
  • Impedance: 4Ω-8Ω

product name: SA80-Aplay solid CD digital audio amplifier new pattern
Product number: SA80

Solid-state power amplifier is fully compatible 24bit96KH CD format WAV APE FLAC music pieces of high power discrete amplifier fever

The new solid-state digital audio CD sound pattern Aplay

First, the situation is so urgent

Speaking of audio, have to say HiFi, experienced records, tapes and CD after the advent of the digital age, regardless of how the defenders of traditional HiFi Simulation fever, regardless of the CD-ROM to defend territory, can not stop the tide of digital roll forward. Although so, we are lost in the digital fever creeping forward, let Shaoyou loss is an array of audio equipment from the valuable hei jiao equipment to the high price of professional players from the CD player to the DVD, from the computer to your tablet PC from MP3 to smart phones, from the network to play online delivery equipment ...... really dazzling, to the last competition, seems to be a computer class smart devices and CD players to give final approval, where computers have become the most ubiquitous audio equipment, while the CD player is fever enthusiasts the most reliable equipment, CD and above format music fever has become the ultimate choice.

The basic principles of CD music is based on the principle of the Nyquist sampling design, the human ear can hear the sound 20Hz-20KHz, so the sampling rate to take 16bit / 44.1KHz, 20KHz frequency signal can reproduce less, but in recent years pop music super fever 24bit / 96-192KHz sampling rate is the final choice of enthusiasts (such a high form of music is difficult to play CD player), music CD player reproduced distortion <0.01%, the signal to noise ratio and dynamic range all> 100dB, belongs to the high-fidelity music, relative to the original analog album or tape heijiao SNR is improved for at least 100 times.

Solid State Power Amplifier CD icon

Computer wins because free music collection storage and intelligent management of their music files, but it depends on the existence of Internet music resources on the Internet is currently a wide range of popular music formats divided into three categories:

(1) HD uncompressed music --CD original CD PCM uncompressed digital music, including WAV / 16bit-24bit / 44.1KHz-192KHz, original CD ripping out of the uncompressed file format, the file is a 60 minutes 650M, is a shared format without any copyright issues.

(2) HD lossless compression music --APE, FLAC ...... and so on, 1/2 rate compressed CD files for easy storage and network transmission, compression and decompression is completely lost when the original music of the details, so the network 80 percent of all music files in this format, which has the format copyright APE, FLAC ...... other shared format.

(3) lossy compressed music --MP3, WMA ...... and so on. MP3 files, although smaller, but all the details on the basis of the loss of music-based compression, so the reproduced sound field can not fully achieve CD sound quality, but also can not meet the needs of enthusiasts listening, this format have the format copyright.

More common formats of music online is available for free download, but the reader is not the core of the playback system with SD card and U disk or removable hard disk player, HD music, lossy compression can only play MP3 music class, high-definition lossless music also rely on a computer or CD changer replay them.

This is precisely the CD player to be remnants of a little space, to date, the convenience of the computer as the source has been questioned, 'disc is dead' is a foregone conclusion, the major record companies are looking for new distribution methods, the fever go? How HD will liberate music from your computer and dishwasher out R & D team is the base on the historical mission. voioe official boldly predicted that a replacement disc new music distribution medium may be a 'flash', that is, U disk or SD card, it is equipped with suitable playback device, it has all the properties of computer music and CD music of the two, in other peripheral shortcut properties if additional use, low cost, sought after by music lovers is inevitable anyway.
Second, start a new era of audio
SV voioe lasted five years invested heavily concentrated research and development of a number of high-definition audio playback audio patented technology (ZL201020202421, ZL 201120296800, ZL 4201120361903.4), the official said 'Aplay', Aplay for the next generation of PC computers and audio CD player audio exclusive alternatives products to lay a solid foundation.

Aplay English spelling is: 'Audio Player' and 'Amplifier Player' meaning 'solid CD Audio' and 'solid CD amplifier'; Aplay will be a large range of products system, designed to fully comply with fidelity, fast and smart play low cost product attributes, which combines solid-state sources fever, discrete pieces of high-power high-fidelity power amplifier (or will have a fever coaxial speakers) in one, equipped with passive speakers can be composed of any of a high-fidelity playback system, designed to self system, high integration, in one step.

Aplay: HP96 solid CD player, SA80 / SA120 solid CD amplifier JP81 solid CD amplifier tube amp, SOUNDBAR TV sound
Voioe Aplay series starting in model SA80, now officially released.

Voioe SA80 Amplifier

Voioe Aplay The SA80 amplifier circuit design and appearance whether ID has completely independent intellectual property rights, all-metal shell, tough shape, technology, modern strong, it has become a major base on product design features.
32bit DSP main chip and 1.8-inch TFT display screen, touch-control panel

Core voioe 'Aplay' is the base on the custom 128 foot 32bit DSP control chip, a universal storage medium music flash U disk capacity limitation, master built 24bit / 96KHz decoder chip, can read WAV, APE high sampling rate the original format FLAC other mainstream audio formats and lossless music fever, which is also rare in the current high-end power amplifier products, of course, 'aplay' also supports MP3 and WMA lossy format.

Voioe 'Aplay' solid promise of digital audio CD concept in the end, the man-machine interface with TFT color LCD screen, support screen song name, format, sample rate and bit rate of music and other basic information, and use the menu-function control, friendly interface and easy to use.
Color display and touch button menu operation plus full-function remote control

Use the voioe 'Aplay' SA80 solid CD amplifier configured remotely touch keys and a full menu plus shortcuts menu mode, all functions can be adjusted by remote control, maintaining a consistent base on humanized design.
Voioe 'Aplay' SA80 solid CD amplifier amp also added functionality, it has also become a major feature of this fever amplifier headphone amplifier using NE5532 do push-class, all-CMOS process tube, sound warm and sweet, broad flat frequency response, dual power supply voltages up to 24V, dynamic excellent timbre FET having a natural soft quiet tone, this feature is ideal for families structural characteristics of today's information age, in order to take into account the individual fever space provides hardware support;
FET headphone amplifier
Voioe 'Aplay' SA80 solid CD amplifier can support not only passive 2.0 speaker system, also set up a Line out function, you can SPIDERS other audio devices or active subwoofer system, he gives an additional 2.0 speaker subwoofer solution for correct music game players can be described as 'rare' Yeah!
With a line output and line input as fever source can be connected to powered subwoofers or other audio

SA80 solid CD amplifier line output can also be used as a solid-state high-fidelity audio using, among other driver amplifier or powered speakers, the same time as possible to cascade SA80, SA80 do it is to use a multi-source push several identical amplifier to gain more power.
Discrete power amplifier element

Voioe 'Aplay' another core part of SA80 amplifier is a solid CD amplifier, in PCHIFI, the vast majority of the amplifier using integrated circuit architecture, its weakness is poor reliability of power, cooling, small damping, high dynamic control many shortcomings and other deficiencies, if you want to solve the problem but also to ensure parameters fever, the only solution is to use a separate piece scheme;
Toshiba tube grade fever

Voioe 'Aplay' SA80 solid CD amplifier using discrete pieces of whole structure designed in a way the former stage uses a standard differential amplifier circuit as an input stage, has excellent CMRR, blocking 99.9% of noise interference, the use of buffer two transistor amplifier, Toshiba 2SC2073 / 2SA940 fever on the tube to make a pre-amplifier stage after stage with Toshiba 2SC5198 / 2SA1941 power on the tube to do push-pull amplification, the chip power up to 120W, each designed to channel power 80-100W, and stay there is a certain power reserve, stage fully optimized for the operating point of the tube, so that crossover distortion is almost zero.
Differential input stage ultra high common-mode rejection ratio of 108dB SNR over two original Omron relay protection

For safe and reliable power amplifier, SA80 also added a short circuit, overcurrent, overtemperature protection circuit to ensure foolproof harsh environment.

Amazing product voioe 'Aplay' SA80 solid CD amplifier landmark, in the follow-up, will also launch a variety of SV voioe voioe 'Aplay' related products please SV fans eagerly look forward to.
Three, SA80 solid CD amplifier Specification
  • File formats: WAV, FLAC, APE, MP3, WMA (do not support very standard formula)
  • Bit Rate: support 16bit-24bit
  • Sampling rate: 44.1KHz-96 KHz
  • Storage media: FLASH / U disk, SD card and other MINI card through a card reader access, storage capacity limited
  • Processor core: 32bit high speed DSP processor hardware
  • DAC DAC: 24bit converter built-in high-fidelity
  • ADC ADC: 24bit converter built-in high-fidelity
  • USB Interface: USB2.0Full Speed ​​Host / Device
  • Amplifier Architecture: 2-channel class AB transistor discrete pieces of pure post-stage amplifier fever
  • Input level: high common mode rejection ratio of the differential amplifier circuit to suppress unwanted signals 99.9%
  • Amplifying stage: 2SC2073 / 2SA940 Toshiba tube
  • Output stage amplifier: 2SC5198 / 2SA1941 Toshiba power tube
  • Input Sensitivity: 600-800mV
  • SNR: greater than 108dB
  • Analog input: Line in 1 channel / indie RCA fever seat, can be connected to other audio devices
  • Analog Output: Line out 1 channel / indie RCA fever seat, can be connected to powered subwoofers or other audio equipment
  • Output power: 80-100W / channel
  • Frequency response: 20-20KHz
  • Coupling capacitors: Japan ELNA capacitors fever
  • Filter capacitor: 20000uf / 63V voioe custom filter capacitors
  • Transformers: 200W ring cattle
  • AC220V50Hz / 110V60Hz Convertible (factory setting is AC220V / 50Hz, do not try to dial a magnetic switch)
  • Large aluminum radiator shell
  • Headphone amplifier: FET push fever-level circuit /6.35 jack
  • Display screen: 1.8-inch TFT color screen / English menu selection (factory default Chinese)
  • Control: full function remote control touch buttons + Menu
  • Power Output: gold crystal terminals / 4-8Ω impedance
  • Factory setting: Power AC220V / 50Hz, volume 08/63, Sound mode 'pass-through (DISA / NORMAL)', circulation mode 'full circle' Menu language 'Chinese' and the backlight time 'Always', time off 'never' no automatic shutdown '300 seconds'
  • Total volume control, 63dB 1 Fenbei each step, the default boot volume 08;
  • Input source reading order: SD card, U disk, Line line input, missing audio source automatically transferred to the next and repeat the cycle, this version does not have SD card ports;
  • File Management: Support for 20 seconds song lyrics and play in two randomly selected browse browsing
  • Support setting: English menu language selection, backlight time (screen saver), time off, firmware upgrades;
  • Display Support: song title, play the track position, track number, track length, playback progress, various control operations function display;
  • Balanced mode: eight kinds of EQ modes, including bass function
  • Loop Mode: including the 'full circle, random play, single cycle, the browser displays the' four kinds;
  • Support Category: Support folder classification, users can perform on a computer with a way to manage songs classified folders;
  • Remote Shortcuts:
  • Remote shutdown: DC power supply and turn off the amplifier memory turned off, after rebooting press the OFF state continues;
  • Audio conversion: in three cycles between the line input conversion SD card, U disk and Line;
  • Random selections: Use the numeric keys randomly selected tracks needed, press End Digital Auto Play selected track after 2 seconds, this function is the maximum number of selections 99999;
  • Bass: Press to continuous in 'BASS bass / DISA Disable' to switch between, this feature uses less bass track, the track should be based on the need to balance or in tri-band bass with good control for the degree;
  • Loop Mode: Continuous Press to select 'full circle, random play, single cycle, browse play' and endless loop;
  • Quick Delete: Press to delete the current track playing, please use caution this feature, delete automatically play the next song;
  • Volume addition and subtraction: adjust the volume, press this button can not release the volume continuously changing;
  • Up and down: Short press to complete the previous / next track or the cursor movement function, long press to achieve playing track rewind or fast forward;
  • Net Weight: 5.3Kg
  • Gross Weight: 6.0Kg
  • Size: W240 * D242 * H78mm
  • Packing size: L360 * W360 * H200mm
  • Packing list: Host 1, a remote control, a spare battery, a power line, Akihabara 3.5 stereo head double lotus pedestal signal line, a spare fuse (in fuse holder spare chamber tank)

For more details please refer to the following manual describes: