Pepsin (porcine gastric mucosa )

Pepsin (porcine gastric mucosa )

Product description:

English name : Pepsin (porcine stomach mucose); Pepsin A; Pepsin from hog stomach
Other names : gastrin; pepsin; protein enzymes; acid lyases; one hundred cloth St.
CAS: 9001-75-6

Level : USP grade
Molecular weight: about 35,000
Titer : 1 : 30000
Best PH: 2 ~ 4
Characters : This product porcine gastric mucosa preparation for white or light yellow powder soluble in water showed different degrees of white, almost insoluble in alcohol, chloroform and ether solution was heated to 70 ℃ or activity in an alkaline solution. soon damage, but it dried product can heat to 100 ℃, hygroscopic, slightly acidic and salt to taste
Use: Biochemical studies of protein structure analysis .
Save : 2 ~ 8 ℃