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Trypsin powder

Trypsin powder
  • Trypsin powder
  • Trypsin powder
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English name: Pancreatin; Pancreatin from hog pancreas
Other names: trypsin; pancreatic enzymes; pancreatic hormone alcohol; secretin; pancreatic digestive hormone; pancreatic enzymes
CAS: 8049-47-6

Level: BR
Molecular weight: about 23400
Titer: 1: 4000
Trypsin vitality: ≥4000u / g
Pancreatic amylase: ≥30000u / g
Pancreatic lipase activity: ≥7000u / g

Loss on drying: ≤5.0%

Fat: ≤20mg / g
1 dissolution method: using 90ML no Ca, Mg ions dissolved trypsin PBS, plus the PBS to 100ML (enzyme dissolved difficult to dissolve in 4 to spend the night if necessary) when adjusted by about PH7.2, with 5.6% NaCO3 tune
Dissolution Method 2: maintain the reaction temperature of 80 ℃ pot solution at least half an hour, and then the sandwich pass into the pot of water to reduce the temperature of the solution to 50 ℃, by 1:30 enzyme / substrate ratio required amount of trypsin, in stirrer with continuous stirring start enzymatic reaction, during the adjustment period pass into Fanyingguo sandwich steam maintaining the temperature at 50 ℃. enzymatic reaction process, to ensure maximum biological activity of trypsin and the pH of the reaction solution was maintained at 8.0, This requires constantly adding NaOH dilute solution in the reaction solution. since joining from 6h after trypsin digestion reaction end
Dissolution Method 3: Weigh accurately NaCl 8.00g, KCl 0.40g, Na2HPO4`7H2O 0.09g, KH2PO4 0.06g, phenol red 0.01g, NaHCO3 0.35g, was dissolved in distilled water to about 800mL five, after fully dissolved constant volume to 1000mL, packaging, sterilization spare, made D-hanks solution. Accurately weigh trypsin 0.125g, dissolved in 100mL D-hanks solution, at 4 ℃ overnight, filtered aliquots, -20 ℃ save backup

Characters: white or pale yellow amorphous powder is a protease, lipase and amylase mixture made from various animal pancreas taken hygroscopic soluble in alcohol and ether boiling water or a case of acid loses enzyme activity.... The maximum vitality in a neutral or slightly alkaline medium. mineral acid or an excess of hydroxide or carbonate inactivated
Use: Biochemical studies in a neutral or slightly alkaline environment (pH 6.8 to 8.5) trypsin make protein into peptone, pancreatic amylase make starch into sugar, pancreatic lipase is broken down into glycerol and make fat. fatty acid
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