Catalase ( bovine liver )

Catalase ( bovine liver )

Product description:

English name : CAT; Catalase (bovine liver); H2O2 oxidoreductase
Other names : chlorinated enzyme; catalase; catalase; IDO release hydrogen peroxide; catalase enzyme fermentation; blood oxidase
CAS: 9001-05-2

Level : BR
Molecular Weight : ~ 250KDa
Vitality : 2000 ~ 5000u / mg

Activity was defined : 1u refers to conditions at pH 7.025 ℃ decompose 1.0 μmole per minute H2O2, while the concentration of H2O2 will be reduced from 10.3 to 9.2 mM
PH: 5.0 ~ 8.0
Character: dark brown powder, soluble in water and soluble in dilute buffer with warm water, temperature controlled at 40 ~ 45 ℃, 55 ℃ above inactivation, insoluble in organic solvents at room temperature stable when dry Ca2 + because they have protected. and activation. an oxidoreductase. This enzyme may be hydrogen peroxide into oxygen, while another molecule of hydrogen peroxide is reduced to water
Uses : Biochemical studies commonly used diagnostic enzyme complex coupling reactions, measuring glucose and other food preservative, decomposition of hydrogen peroxide .
Save : -20 ℃