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  • Collagenase
  • Collagenase
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English name : Collagenase from Clostridium histolyticum; Clostridiopeptidase A
Other names : collagenase; collagen proteolytic enzymes
CAS: 9001-12-1
Level : Purified

Vitality : ≥650U / mg protein
Activity was defined : collagenase at 37 ℃, Ph7.5 conditioning natural collagen, in order to release the polypeptide from collagen per hour equivalent to ninhydrin coloration 1 micromole leucine amount of a unit of activity

Titers : ≥250u / mg solid
Other proteases (100 units collagenase meter ): ≤10.5unit
Abnormal toxicity : compliance
Loss on drying : ≤5.0%
Characters : tan or light brown powder .pH value of 7 to 8, the optimum PH: 7.5 optimum temperature :... 37 ℃ available with TRIS buffer solution (PH7.5) has a unique natural collagen and denatured collagen digestion capacity . detergents, HCH and heavy metal ions can reduce the activity. specific role in procollagen to fracture further by other proteolytic, not hydrolyzed fibrin, globulin
Uses: general use biochemical research .
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