Earthworm enzyme

Earthworm enzyme

Product description:

English name : Lumbokinase capsules
Other names : PPA
MW: from 15,000 to 60,000
Vitality : ≥20000u / mg
Identification Test : 278nm absorption maxima
PH: 6.0 ~ 8.0
Clarity solution : Clarification
Loss on drying : ≤6.0%
Characters: pale yellow powder, taste fishy, wet primer is farmed Eisenia foetida (Eisenia Foetida Savigny) prepared a set of extracted proteolytic enzymes.
Uses: scientific research, experiment PPA has a dual function, in addition to direct fibrinolytic protein hydrolysis, but also activate plasminogen to fibrin blood plasmin, which has the effect of indirect hydrolysis fibrin This product is for research. use
Save : -20 ℃