Product description:

English name : Snailase
Molecular Weight : 218KDa
Broken rate : sorbitol solution isotonic PH5.8 ~ 7.2 per gram of cells by 30 ~ 40mg enzyme moisturizer one hour at 37 ℃, can dissolve the cell walls, broken rate of more than 80 to 90%
Lytic activity of the yeast cell wall : μg of each enzyme, within two hours, 30 ℃ water bath can be effectively degraded 1.28 * 106 yeast
Different amounts of enzyme yeast cells 6.2 * 108 Role : The role of efficiency within one hour, when the highest enzyme 80μg, 800μg when digested yeast more
Activity Continuity: After continuous-time sampling by the turbidity and protein leaching analysis showed that one hour, at 30 ℃ action conditions, activity has continued active
Characters : brown crystalline powder or crystal, the 1912 amino acids
Uses: Widely used in cytology, genetics research
Save : 2 ~ 8 ℃