Snail lectin

Snail lectin

Product description:

English name : HAA; HPA; Snailagglutinin; Snail lectin

Level : BR
MW: total molecular weight of 79kD
Properties: light yellow crystalline powder or crystal protein from snail gland extract the value of hematology research have lectin our terrestrial molluscs belonging snail Snail, mucus, lymph glands and protein. lectin separation and purification methods and different physical and chemical properties. its gland protein is a lectin agglutinin (cold agglutin), more special, it 's clotting vitality strong temperature dependence. protein gland lectin optimum temperature is l3 ℃, blood clotting vitality at 4 ~ 27 c conditions exist, up to 30 ℃, then disappear .
Use: Biochemical studies can snail lectin agglutination blood cells, thereby promoting applied research hematology cytology, hematology research, biotechnology research .
Save : 2 ~ 8 ℃