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Proteinase K

Proteinase K
  • Proteinase K
  • Proteinase K
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English name : Proteinase K
CAS: 39450-01-6
Molecular Weight : 28.9 kDa
Vitality : 30 u / mg
DNase, RNase: None detected
Appearance: powder, is a non-specific, subtilisin -related serine proteases derived from Candida albicans, with high specific activity .EDTA and other chelating agents or SDS and other detergents can not make a protease (Tritirachium album..) K inactivation, but enhanced activity and stability, and (PH4-12.5) are active in a wide range of PH in the tissue or cells isolated nucleic acids, nucleic acid enzyme (RNA and DNA), and the reaction of other enzymes loss live.
Purpose : research, experiment broad-spectrum protease, 95C heat for 10 minutes, the complete inactivation of alternative RNA extraction with DEPC-treated centrifuge tubes and pipette tips to achieve the purpose of inactivated RNase A, but also for processing RNase-Free. water. adequately degrade tissue or cell protein is a nucleic acid molecule in particular, to achieve high-quality release and extraction of nucleic acids auxiliary agents. for plasmid or genomic DNA, RNA and protein isolated polypeptide western blot .
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