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3C protease

3C protease
  • 3C protease
  • 3C protease
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English name: 3C protease

Level: BR

Vitality: 2u / ul

Activity definition:? In cutting buffer (50mM Tris-HCL, 150mM NaCL, 1mM EDTA, 1mM DTT, PH7.0 25 ℃) 100 g were detected in the cleavage of the fusion protein, the reaction conditions were 5 ℃ 16 hours, and the cutting rate ≥ 90%, defined as one unit.
Product description: 3C-Protease prokaryotic expression product type 14 rhinovirus 3C protease of this protease specific recognition peptide Leu-Phe-Gln / Gly-Pro in Gln and Gly residues to identify cutting substrates. and cutting the fusion protein is not only dependent on the structure of a fusion protein is also dependent on the secondary and tertiary structures. PreScission Protease enzyme with the same, in the target protein with glutathione -S- transferase fusion protein (GST) of Since the inter-specific identification short peptide containing protease Leu- Phe-Gln / Gly- Pro, it is possible to cut into PGEX-6P-1, PGEX-6P-2, PGEX-6P-3, etc. with an enzyme substrate recognition polypeptide sequence fusion proteins, the GST cut and the target protein in the cleavage reaction process, it is recommended to use different cutting time to explore the best conditions, by SDS-PAGE electrophoresis to assess the degree of cutting, completely digested GST fusion protein 3C-Protease dosage, warm bath temperature and time according to the different target proteins and changes should be optimized cutting conditions during the experiment.

Caution: When cutting protein, cutting 100μg protein per 1U 3C-Protease need when purified protein, 10mg or less often need to cut the amount of each fusion protein needs 100 units of enzyme, should pay attention.
Use: Biochemical studies specifically recognize peptide Leu-Phe-Gln / Gly- Pro cut into PGEX-6P-1, PGEX-6P-2, PGEX-6P-3 and other enzyme substrate recognition with the fusion polypeptide sequence. protein, the target protein GST cut
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