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Xylan enzyme

Xylan enzyme
  • Xylan enzyme
  • Xylan enzyme
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English name: Xylanase; 14-β-D-Xylanxylanohydrolase; endo-14-β-Xylanase

CAS number: 9025-57-4 or 37278-89-0

Level: BR
Activity: ≥ 60000U/mg
Activity definition: 1g enzyme powder (or 1ml fluid) at 50 ℃, under pH4.8, 1min 1% Xylan hydrolysis solution of 1 d-μ g for 1 the amount of enzyme xylanase activity unit
Applicable temperature: 20~60℃
Optimum temperature: 50 degrees
Applicable PH:4.0~5.5
Best PH:4.8
Appearance: light yellow powder, by metabolic products of Penicillium. Xylanase molecules containing only one subunit. 8~30 kD molecular weight of basic proteins, the molecular weight in 30~145 kD acidic protein
Use: biochemical studies. Xylanase enzyme hydrolysis of Xylan enzyme the key hydrolytic enzymes in, sugar molecules by hydrolysis of β -14-glycosidic linkages, Xylan hydrolysis of xylo-oligosaccharides and xylobiose, Xylan, and a small amount of Xylose and arabinose
Save: 2~8℃