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Ascorbic acid oxidase

Ascorbic acid oxidase
  • Ascorbic acid oxidase
  • Ascorbic acid oxidase
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English name: ASO; Ascorbate Oxidase from plant; L-Ascorbate: oxygen oxidoreductase; Ascorbase
Other names: Vitamin C oxidase

CAS: 9029-44-1

Level: BR

Molecular Weight: 67KDa (SDS-PAGE)
Vitality: ≥400units / mg protein
Dynamic definition of: One unit causes the decrease of one micromole of ascorbic acid per minute at pH5.6 at 30 ℃
pH stability: 6.0 ~ 11.0 (25 ℃, 20hr)

Best PH: 6.0

Temperature range: ≤50 ℃ (PH7.030min)

Optimum temperature: 50 ℃

Inhibitors: Ag +, Hg2 +

Characters: white or white crystalline powder or slightly below the blue copper ceruloplasmin family, a molecular weight of 140kD, composed of two identical subunits (70kD) constitute an oxidoreductase catalytic effect of ascorbic acid with oxygen to generate off... hydrogen ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is an unsaturated polyhydroxy compound to the lactone form exists, between two and three carbon atoms of hydrogen may be free hydroxyl groups on the alcohol into H +, so with an acidic
Purpose: to remove ascorbate biochemical studies Elimination of Ascorbate a strong reducing agent, the oxidative dehydrogenation of dehydroascorbate, it is oxidized and reduced the presence of two types.
Save: 2 ~ 8 ℃, the shelf life of 2 years