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  • Peptidase
  • Peptidase
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English name: Peptidase

Other names: exopeptidase enzyme; exopeptidases; protease; proteolytic enzymes

Level: BR
Vitality: ≥500u / g

Dynamic definition of: One unit will liberate 1.0 μmole of β-naphthylamine from L-leucine β-naphthylamide per min at pH 7.1 at 37 ° C (Procedure as given in Sigma Technical Bulletin No. 251)..
Characters: Liquid This product is a single exonuclease, peptidase in biology, medicine and biotechnology research is very important to an enzyme.
Uses: a class of biochemical catalytic sequence from the peptide chain end cut peptide bond to release free amino acids and enzymes to act on the free amino terminus referred aminopeptidase, acting on the free carboxyl terminus called carboxypeptidase they may be. hydrolyzed into amino acid polypeptides. peptidase is also widely used in the laboratory reagents repressor protein, the polypeptide sequence and produce the desired protein. More recent experiments using specific processing peptidase inhibition of recombinant fusion protein, e.g., NIa endopeptidase etching from tobacco mosaic virus (C04.004) virus specific sites polyprotein: ENLYFQ + G / S. specific site into the media with a virus capable of encoding a particular protein media (or poly-histidine and A protein) nucleotide sequence fragments which can cut through the inner join peptide chain enzymes and simple to distinguish a particular protein from the mixture (Kapust et al., 2000).
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