Flavor Enzymes

Flavor Enzymes

Product description:

English name : Flavourzyme

Other names : Flavourzyme
Level : BR
Vitality : ≥20u / mg

Moisture : ≤8.0%

Characters: pale yellow solid powder, derived from Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract, filter compound from the enzyme contains two active enzyme endo and exo protease peptides that can be used to remove the bitter peptides low degree of hydrolysis products. , which was completely degraded into amino acids, it can also be used completely hydrolyzed protein, enhance and improve the flavor of the hydrolyzate
Use: Biochemical studies used in a variety of animal and plant protein hydrolysis late optimization best flavor milk protein hydrolase is alkaline protease and flavor protease, alkaline protease hydrolysis conditions optimal dosage of 60mg / L, the amount Flavourzyme 200mg.. / L, pH7, temperature 55 ℃, hydrolysis 5h, milk protein hydrolyzate most thorough, get milk peptide hydrolyzate
Save : 2 ~ 8 ℃