Carboxypeptidase B ( from porcine pancreas )

Carboxypeptidase B ( from porcine pancreas )

Product description:

English name: from porcine pancreas Carboxypeptidase b; Peptidyl-L-lysine (L-arginine) hydrolase; Protaminase
Other names: essential protease; Hydrolytic enzyme peptidyl-l-lysine; Peptidyl-l-arginine acid Hydrolase

CAS number: 9025-24-5

Level: BR

Molecular weight: 34500daltons
Activity: ≥ 70units/mg
Activity definition: One unit hydrolyzes one micromole OS hippuryl-L-arginine per minute at 25 deg c, pH7.65
Best PH:7.9
Isoelectric point PI:6.0
Chymotrypsin and trypsin: ≤0.02%

Product description: Catalyzes hydrolysis of the basic amino acids lysine, arginine and ornithine from the C-terminal position in polypeptides. A solution in 100mM sodium chloride. PMSF treated to inhibit tryptic and chymotryptic activities.
Appearance: powder. In zymogen form exists in vivo
Use: biochemical studies. Specificity from the c-Terminal peptide chain started by degradation and release of free amino acids in a peptide chain exonuclease. Hydrolysis with alkaline amino acid carboxypeptidase b (such as arginine and lysine) for the c-Terminal residues in the peptide bond.
Storage:-20 ℃