Carboxypeptidase B ( from porcine pancreas )

Carboxypeptidase B ( from porcine pancreas )

Product description:

English name: Carboxypeptidase B from porcine pancreas; Peptidyl-L-lysine (L-arginine) hydrolase; Protaminase
Other names: proteinase fine; peptidyl -L- lysine hydrolase; -L- arginine peptidyl hydrolase

CAS: 9025-24-5

Molecular Weight: 34500daltons

Level: Chromatographically purified
Vitality: ≥170units / mg

Activity was defined: One unit hydrolyzes one micromole os hippuryl-L-arginine per minute at 25 ℃, pH7.65
Chymotrypsin and trypsin: ≤0.02%
Properties: gel or liquid, A solution in 100mM sodium chloride zymogen form in vivo
Use: Biochemical studies can begin to degrade specificity from the C-terminal peptide chain individually, releasing free amino acids for a class of peptides exonuclease carboxypeptidase B only hydrolyzed to basic amino acids (such as arginine and lysine. acid) for the C-terminal residue of a peptide bond.
Save: -20 ℃