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Ding acyl cholinesterase

Ding acyl cholinesterase
  • Ding acyl cholinesterase
  • Ding acyl cholinesterase
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0 English name: BCHE; BuCHE; Cholinesterase, butyryl (Horse serum); Acylcholine acyl-hydrolase; Choline esterase, butyryl; Pseudocholinesterase
CAS: 9001-08-5

Molecular Weight: ~ 440000

Level: BR
Vitality: ≥4units / mg

Product Description: It catalyzes the hydrolysis of a number of choline esters according to the following reaction: Acylcholine + H2O to choline + acid It is a tetrameric glycoprotein with four subunits of equal size, each having a molecular weight of 110KDa Butyryl cholinesterase hydrolyzes.. butyrylcholine four times more rapidly than acetylcholine. It is inhibited by 10-5 M physostigmine, numerous organophosphate esters, the carbamate derivates and quaternary ammonium saltsunit hydrolyzes 1umole of acetylchoine per minute at 25 ℃, pH7.4
Characters: There are two kinds of cholinesterase light brown powder:. AChE and butyrylcholinesterase (BuChE) gene structure of both the amino acid sequence and spatial three-dimensional structure showed a high homology between the two. the main difference is that, AChE hydrolysis of acetylcholine (ACh) and acetylthiocholine (ATCh) than propionyl choline (PrCh) fast, on the small choline (BuCh) and butyrylcholinesterase thiocholine (BuTCh) no significant the hydrolysis. color butyrylcholinesterase and acetylcholinesterase reaction principle is exactly the same. butyrylcholinesterase higher sensitivity advantage
Use: Biochemical studies are a class of glycoproteins, biological hydrolysis of acetylcholine neurotransmission in a critical enzyme, but it is also organophosphate and carbamate insecticides target this enzyme is to deal with nerves. gas bombs powerful drug solution, you can make it contains nerve agents, pesticides and chemical flux organophosphate neutral, thus not subject to nerve agents intrusion
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