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Galactose oxidase

Galactose oxidase
  • Galactose oxidase
  • Galactose oxidase
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English name: Galactose Oxidase from Dactylium dendroides; D-Galactose: oxygen 6-oxidoreductase
CAS: 9028-79-9
Level: High purity grade
Molecular Weight: 68KD
Vitality: ≥30units / mg protein

Activity was defined: one unit equals a change in absorbance at 425nm of 1.0 per minute at 25 ℃, pH6.0 using a perosidase / o-tolidine coupled assay with galactose as the substrate
Best PH: 7.0

Product Description: Supplied as a purified powder, containing sodium phosphate and cucrose as stablilizer Oxdizes galactose and some galactose derivatives in both free and polymeric forms Oxidation at the C6 position...
Appearance: powder, is composed of a monomeric peptide chain containing 639 amino acid groups composed of copper atoms in the active site of the enzyme as a non-blue-oxidase enzyme is a blue and copper is not significant. Blue copper oxidase is not the same, in the vicinity of 600nm absorption coefficient is very small, it can be used electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy to monitor, its spectral characteristics and inorganic copper complex compounds similar
Use: Biochemical studies catalytic oxidation of galactose, determine the content of the sample galactose.
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