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Hot Taq酶

Hot Taq酶
  • Hot Taq酶
  • Hot Taq酶
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English Name : Hot Taq DNA Polymerase
Other names : Hot Taq DNA polymerase

Level : BR

Purity : ≥99%
Concentration : 5u / ul
Activity definition: in the 75 ℃, 30 minutes to 10nmol of dNTPS penetrate into the amount of enzyme required acid insoluble material
Product composition : Hot Taq DNA Polymerase, 10 * PCR Buffer, MgCL2
Appearance: Liquid .Hot Taq DNA Polymerase is a chemically modified Taq DNA Polymerase applies Hot start PCR, due to being chemically modified, is suppressed activity of Taq polymerase at room temperature, activity was closed, heated at 94 ℃ 10.. minutes to return to normal energizing start the reaction, can be polymerized DNA, this method suppresses non-specific amplification at low temperatures due to the non-specific annealing of primers or primer dimers induced .
Usage : biochemical study of complex template DNA PCR amplification; complex amplified cDNA as PCR template, such as RT-PCR; single or double stranded DNA sequencing; site-directed mutagenesis; Real-time PCR
Save : -20 ℃ can be stored for a year