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SP6 RNA polymerase

SP6 RNA polymerase
  • SP6 RNA polymerase
  • SP6 RNA polymerase
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English name: SP6 RNA Polymerase
Other names: SP6 RNA polymerase

Level: BR
MW: approximately 98kDa monomer
Source: E. coli cells containing the cloned gene encoding the corresponding RNA polymerase
Concentration: 20u / ul (≥100U / ul, HC)
Activity was defined: refers to the amount of enzyme required at 37 ℃, 60 minutes 1nmol AMP synthetic fragment incorporated into the oligonucleotide (DE-81) in the form of light absorption)
Activity assay mixture:.-ATP 40mM Tris-HCL (PH8.0), 10mM DTT, 6mM MgCL2, 2mM spermidine, 0.5mM various NTP, 0.6MBq / ML (3H) and 20ug / ml containing the corresponding promoter Plasmid DNA Sequences
Storage Buffer: each polymerase stored in 50mM Tris-HCL (PH8.0), 5mM DTT, 0.1mg / ml BSA, 150mM NaC1, 0.5mM ELUGENT detergent and 50% (V / V) glycerol
5 * Transcription Buffer: 200mM Tris-HCL (PH9.025 ℃), 30mM MgCL2, 50mM DTT, 50mM NaC1 and 10mM spermidine
Inhibitors: metal chelators, when NaC1 or KC1 concentrations higher than 150mM (SP6 and T7 RNA polymerase), the activity decreased more than 50% ammonium sulfate can reduce the activity of more than 50%
Deactivation: the addition of EDTA or 70 ℃ heated for 10 minutes
Quality control: Correlation tests show no endo- or exo-DNase, RNase contamination
Function Test: in vitro transcription reaction
Features: special synthetic nucleotide incorporation, such as amino -, biotin -, fluorescein - digoxin - labeled nucleotides
Appearance: Liquid, SP6 RNA polymerase is a DNA-dependent polymerase, SP6 promoter sequence for highly specific RNA synthesis performance with the enzyme, only to start SP6 DNA or cloned downstream of the synthetic DNA in SP6. template. The enzyme can 32P, 35S, and 3H-labeled nucleoside triphosphates as substrate
Use: Biochemical markers and RNA Synthesis unlabeled, for hybridization, in vitro translation of RNA; as RNA, siRNA, RNase protection assay enzyme substrate and genomic DNA sequencing template; RNA secondary structure research and RNA- protein interactions, RNA splicing; RNA probe synthesis labeled for western blot, in situ hybridization, microarray hybridization
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