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Shark telescope warrior | waterproof high-definition night vision with high-definition non-infrared perspective 1000 binaries

Shark telescope warrior | waterproof high-definition night vision with high-definition non-infrared perspective 1000 binaries
Product code: 23861400030
Unit price 47.66-66.86$
Sold quantity 5226
Available stock 788

Product parameters:

  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: Yes
  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Brand: Sika / Asca
  • Item: Warriors 0041
  • Price range: 201-500 yuan
  • made in China
  • Weight: about 880g
  • Magnification Type: Fixed magnification
  • Maximum multiple: 5 times (inclusive) -10 times (including)
  • Style: double barrel
  • Use: Handheld
  • Function: Waterproof
  • Color classification: military standard 10X50 HD version of the military standard 7X50 comfortable version of the military 8X40 portable version of military standard 10X50 HD version (camouflage skin care) black

Shark 'Warriors' series listed on the cumulative sales of more than 3000, creating my shop four super: super professional popularity, customer satisfaction and high praise, high repurchase rate, professional players more than users.

Shark 'Warrior' all-inclusive Paul mirror, the use of all-metal mirror body, one package of environmentally friendly frosted rubber skin protection, all-optical glass lenses, full-width green film (prism is also coated), eyepiece with 4-chip, achromatic and distortion to be effective control.

High-end quality low-end price, with the price segment has a clear optical advantage, You deserve it!

Shark masterpiece, challenge any brand or no-name with the price of waterproof Paul! Four features: First, all-metal mirror body, anti-fall compression; Second, all-inclusive Paul, mirror body and objective lens molding; three nitrogen waterproof, Paul Mirror to do nitrogen and water is valuable; four BAK4 prism and FMC full width of the green film, 22.5mm large eyepiece

Warriors 7X50: If you pursue the bright, high comfort of the observation, that Warriors 7X50 is your better choice, the pupil diameter reached 7.14mm, the observation is very comfortable, brightness is also very high, suitable for light night vision, , Won the enthusiasts, astronomy enthusiasts, the nautical sector favorite.

Warriors 10X50: If the pursuit of high times that warriors 10X50 no doubt is very strong, high times, caliber, look far, brightness is enough, like high times friends can choose this.

More in-depth understanding:

1. Telescope brand I do not understand, choose what brand is better?

  • As the public on the telescope less contact, many do not know which brand is good, resulting in this industry no-name numerous, quite a mixed phenomenon is particularly serious. In particular, 'Amoy brand' the rise of the shop independent brand, and then find a small factory OEM phenomenon is common , Quality times high price.
  • Kunming Shengtai Sports Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of telescope - Kunming, good weather conditions and veteran factory history makes Kunming become a domestic telescope production base.National famous telescope factory is not much, More than 90% of the products are used for export, find the way to brand well-known brands no less than ten, the domestic market share is very small, and the shark is the way its own brand, is entirely export quality, factory price.

2. The parameters of the telescope I do not know how many times the election is better?

  • Binoculars are divided into the traditional Paul mirror (curved tube) and the modern house mirror (straight), house mirror structure compact size more advantages, Paul mirror is a classic style, from the optical effect point of view, Paul mirror more dominant, light The transmission rate should be significantly higher, which is why the military telescope is the main reason for Paul mirror.
  • There are many times on the market a few times or even hundreds of times the binoculars, then you do not have to consider, and certainly the cottage, pure to meet the base is not a lot of novice buyers require high power! General handheld telescope effective multiple can not exceed 12 Times, generally 7-10 times is appropriate, otherwise it is not too shaking discomfort is pure view of the virtual standard.

3. About Suzhou Condor and Shark

  • Suzhou Condor Optical Co., Ltd. registered from Taobao shop in 2007 to the past two years to open days cat shop, focusing on telescope 7 years, the products in the high-end, and always maintained a good reputation, is a small number of shop a long time, Higher shop.
  • From the shark from a single pure OEM exports to 2009 began to push the domestic market, we aimed at the shark obvious price and quality advantages, and factories began cooperation, whether it is low-end shark C1, C2 series, or the end of the BEYOND, W1 waterproof series, or in the high-end magnesium alloy God of War hollow, no matter which market to the customer are very high evaluation, far from the current market no-name, OEM telescope can be compared to work, Low factory prices, shark brands are dominant!