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Polyphenol oxidase (mushroom)

Polyphenol oxidase (mushroom)
  • Polyphenol oxidase (mushroom)
  • Polyphenol oxidase (mushroom)
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English name: Polyphenol oxidase; Tyrosinase from mushroom
Other names: tyrosinase
CAS: 9002-10-2
Vitality: 500units / mg
Molecular Weight: 128kDa
Suitable PH: 6 ~ 7
Activity unit definition: in 3ml reaction mixture containing L- dihydroxy-phenylalanine or L- ascorbic acid and catechol, when the pH value 6.525 ℃, 1min ΔA265 changes every 0.001 of a unit activity
Characters: powder for a class can be catalyzed phenol-based compound enzyme quinone (such as tyrosine, phenolic compounds, etc.) oxide Such enzymes are widely found in nature, it is widely distributed in plants, such as potatoes, tea, milk sumac The content is quite high. Higher animal's skin, hair, cornea melanin is also due to the enzymatic oxidation of tyrosine resulting product. mushrooms and other fungi and other microbes can also produce such enzymes usually extracted from wild mushrooms, the One biological catalyst system, containing copper ions in protein molecular weight 25 * 105 isoelectric point (5.0;. nitrogen is about 13.6% copper is about 0.25 percent UV absorption peaks at 273nm and 330nm at a suitable temperature catalysis.. 25 ℃. Suitable pH of 6.0.
Uses: It is mainly used in scientific research biochemical reagents which catalyzes the oxidation of tyrosine into dopa and dopa further oxidized to produce melanin precursors - dopaquinone industrial enzyme has a dual role: it Advantageously side, the use of oxidation of this enzyme, for post-fermented beer, to improve the stability of beer, prevent turbidity; also can be made into an immobilized enzyme, phenol-containing wastewater for its negative side, containing the same. When the enzyme fruits and vegetables, cut after exposure to air, since the enzyme catalysis, the incision will generate the corresponding quinones, dark brown, it must be cut before eating it. generally take blanching, acidification or sub sulfuric acid to inhibit its function. This product is for research use
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