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S- adenosyl homocysteine ​​hydrolase

S- adenosyl homocysteine ​​hydrolase
  • S- adenosyl homocysteine ​​hydrolase
  • S- adenosyl homocysteine ​​hydrolase
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English name : SAHH; Adenosylhomocysteinase; S- (5'-Adenosyl) -L-homocysteine ​​Hydrolase
CAS: 9025-54-1

Level : BR
Molecular Weight : 47KDa
Vitality : ≥700units / mg protein
Activity was defined : 37 ℃, under conditions PH7.2 decomposition 1umol adenosine homocysteine ​​per minute amount of enzyme required
Isoelectric point : PH 5.89
PH stability: 6.0-8.0
Thermal stability : PH6.0 ~ 8.055 ℃ for 15 minutes
How to use: freeze-dried powder was resuspended in PH7.2 of 0.05M phosphate buffer
Appearance: lyophilized powder
Use: Biochemical studies of high adenosine homocysteine ​​hydrolase can reversibly catalyze S- adenosyl homocysteine ​​down into adenosine and homocysteine ​​when intracellular adenosine homocysteine ​​hydrolase. when inhibited, the intracellular concentration of S- adenosyl homocysteine ​​will rise, thus affecting the viral mRNA cap methylase activity.
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