Product description:

English name : Maltase dehydrogenase; γ-MDH

Level : BR
Product description : Hyperthmophile MDH from thermus flavus MDH exists as a dimer comprising of identical subunit having 350 amino acid residues Thermus Flavas MDH has excellent thermal stability and long-term storage stability in liquid The product has lower level of side reaction in serum AST.. assay than that of purified bacterial enzyme
Properties: present in the small intestine, yeast, aspergillosis and malt amylase together often, and after treatment with yeast toluene, chloroform or ethyl acetate, with a centrifuge points to insolubles, resulting in the addition of ammonia to prevent liquid. decomposition, that was pretty purity maltose enzyme.
Use: Biochemical studies make maltose hydrolysis of glucose.
Save : -20 ℃