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  • Lipoxygenase
  • Lipoxygenase
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English name: Lipoxidase from soybean; Linoleate: oxygen oxidoreductase; Lipoxygenase

Other names: unsaturated fatty acid oxidoreductase

CAS: 9029-60-1

Molecular weight: 108 kDa (two 54 kDa subunits)

Level: BR

Vitality: ≥50000units / mg protein

Dynamic definition of: One unit will cause an increase in A234 of 0.001 per min at pH 9.0 at 25 ° C when linoleic acid is the substrate in 3.0 ml volume (1 cm light path) One A234 unit is equivalent to the oxidation of 0.12 μmole. of linoleic acid
Characters: Powder or suspension present in alfalfa, peas, lentils, and other legumes, carrots and potatoes have, but the most active soybean crystallized from soy lipoxygenase, an isoelectric point of 5.4. The optimum pH can not simply decide, but by the solubility of the substrate is about, generally pH6.0 ~ 3.0, the optimum temperature is between 20 ~ 30 ℃.
Use: Biochemical studies lipoxygenase catalyzes molecular oxygen, oxidation of fats have double bonds occur glutaric Greek 14, to form hydrogen peroxide oxidation of protein sulfhydryl hydroperoxide molecule (-SH) forming a disulfide bond (. -SS-) and can induce polymerization of protein molecules, the protein molecules become larger. lipoxygenase may double by coupling structure reflects the destruction of carrots, which play bleaching, improving the role of color
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