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  • Enterokinase
  • Enterokinase
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English name: Enterokinase from porcine intestine; Enteropeptidase

Other names: peptone intestinal enzyme; intestinal proteases; erepsin; intestinal enzyme activation

CAS: 9014-74-8

Level: BR

Vitality: ≥0.5 units / mg solid

Dynamic definition of: One unit will produce 1.0 nanomole of trypsin from trypsinogen per min at pH 5.6 at 25 ° C

Characters: powder dissolved in water and dilute buffers
Usage: biochemical studies is a serine protease which can efficiently hydrolyze specific engineering bacteria fusion protein (recognition sequence is - (Asp) 4Lys ↓ -) releasing the target protein due Enterokinase highly specific. high hydrolysis efficiency, it is widely used in the development of genetic engineering products; it can be used as a protease specifically recognize and cleave the substrate containing enterokinase cleavage site, which is one of the application is as a tool for recombinant protease specific cleavage fusion proteins, pharmaceutical industry research and genetic engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology and other biological engineering especially for, but limited natural Enterokinase sources and extracted from animal tissue contaminated with other proteases enterokinase, which gives practical application difficult. This requires the use of genetic engineering process for producing high purity enterokinase. genetic engineering process for producing high-purity native enzyme enterokinase activity similar, but enterokinase cleavage rate faster

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