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Marantz / Marantz PM6005 two-channel stereo HIFI music amplifier combined amplifier

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Marantz / Marantz PM6005
  • Amplifier Type: HIFI amplifier
  • Brand: Marantz / Marantz
  • Marantz Type: PM6005
  • color: black
  • Whether the stage: HiFi
  • Channel: 2
  • Output power: 60W
  • Size: 440x370x105mm
  • Weight: 7.6KG
  • Impedance: 4-8

PM6005 CD6005 player as a partner, Marantz's combined stereo amplifier PM6005 also received a "What HiFi" five-star recommended! Marantz meticulous process and quality, so PM6005 compared to the previous PM6004 has been greatly improved, the sound of the Speed ​​and detail once again raised.

In addition to CD6005 new features, PM6005 is also a new design, using fully symmetrical layout of the left and right analog circuits to reduce crosstalk interference, but also by fiber and coaxial audio input function, users Can be a variety of digital signal source equipment, directly connected to the amplifier, playing a variety of new media formats, allowing users to experience the incredible audio experience incredible enjoyment, so PM6005 sound quality and functionality greatly enhanced.

Of course, in the pre-control and post-power amplifier lines, still using a high-level independent parts - rather than in the signal transmission path using a single integrated circuit chip chip.Carefully selected independent parts, in addition to the quality of more integrated circuits In addition, these parts can effectively enhance the performance of sound, so that the output sound more detailed, clear and transparent at the same time, we also retained a low impedance shielded toroidal transformer and custom main capacitor.
Other PM6004 original features - including the turntable, including five groups of analog input terminals, two teams to support the two-wire connection of the gold-plated speakers connected column, etc., all remain in the PM6005.
The DAC of this machine is a 24bit / 192kHz CS4398 which has been widely recognized in many high-end products. The digital signal processing part is completely shielded by the extra metal case to ensure that the signal transmission will not be affected by the analog signal.

All in all, PM6005 is your step to the new music era mature outstanding bridge.