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  • Luciferase
  • Luciferase
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English name: Luciferase firefly; Luciferase from Photinus pyralis (firefly)

Other names: luciferase (firefly); recombinant enzyme

CAS: 61970-00-1

Level: BR

product line: BioUltra

Assay: ≥98% (SDS-PAGE)

Mol wt: mol wt 120 kDa (two non-identical subunits, each containing four free thiol groups, one of which is necessary for activity)

Protein: 10-35% E1% / 280

Measuring range: ≤1 femtomole ATP sensitivity (using 0.2 μg of luciferase and suitably sensitive liquid scintillation counters or luminometers).

Foreign activity: ATPase ≤5 nanomolar units / mg protein; Nucleoside diphosphokinase ≤20 nanomolar units / mg protein

Activity was defined: One light unit produces a biometer peak height equivalent to 0.02 μCi of 14C in PPO / POPOP cocktail Light units measured in 50 μl assay mixture containing 5 pmol ATP and 7.5 nmol luciferin in Tris-glycine buffer, pH 7.6, at 25. ° C

Product description: Two contaminant, ATP-consuming activities are assayed for in this product, ATPase and nucleoside diphosphokinase These impurities are found to be less than 5 nanomolar units / mg protein and less than 20 nanomolar units / mg protein, respectively..

Note: Prior to 1991, a unit of firefly luciferase activity was defined as that amount which will produce 1.0 nanomole of pyrophosphate per minute at pH 7.7, 25 ° C, using a system containing 0.6 mM ATP and 0.1 mM D-luciferin The former. nanomolar unit is equivalent to approximately 1.3 x 106 light units

Characters: Powder .EC:

Use: Biochemical research.

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