Phosphodiesterase Ⅱ

Phosphodiesterase Ⅱ

Product description:

English title : Phosphodiesterase II from bovine spleen; 3'-Exonuclease; Spleen exonuclease; Spleen phosphodiesterase

Other names : phosphodiesterase; phosphodiesterase

CAS: 9068-54-6

Level : BR

Activity: ≥10u / mg

Activity was defined : One Unit increases the absorbance at 260 nm by 0.200 in 30 minutes at 37 ℃, pH 6.5, with an RNA substrate

Product description : Spleen exonuclease (Phosphodiesterase II) excises 3'-phosphomononucleotides from oligonucleotides having a free OH terminus The optimum pH for the enzyme is 5.5 using succinate and phosphate buffer and pH 6-7 with 0.1 M acetate buffer The enzyme is assayed.. using a modification of the Hilmoe (Biochem. Prep., VII. (Meister, A., ed.), John Wiley and Sons, NY, 105, 1961) technique

Appearance: Powder

Use: Biochemical research .

Save : -20 ℃