Gibberellin GA4 + 7

Gibberellin GA4 + 7

Product description:

English name : Gibberellin A4 + 7
GA4: C19H24O5 = 332.29

GA7: C19H22O5 = 330.37

Level : BR
Content : ≥90.0%
Properties: white crystalline powder or white prismatic crystal powder, GA4 melting point of 214 ~ 215 ℃; GA7 needle crystallization temperature of 169 ~ 172 ℃, prismatic crystalline melting point of 202 ℃; GA4 + 7 [A4: A7 = 40: 60 ] a melting point of 198 ~ 202 ℃. stable in the dry state, in weak acid solution is also relatively stable, except alkali prone to structural changes, as well as loss of biological activity
Use: Biochemical studies broad spectrum of plant growth regulator, promote the formation of fruits and plants or seedless fruit set fruit; promote the growth of vegetative leafy vegetable plants; break seed dormancy and promote seed development; delay. fruit senescence, played role in preservation; change the female, the proportion of male and influence flowering time; when used in hybrid rice seed production, flowering can be adjusted to promote seed parents are heading this increase effective panicles and grains, significantly improved setting rate
Save : 2 ~ 8 ℃