Adenine sulfate

Adenine sulfate

Product description:

English name : Adenine sulfate
Other names : adenine sulfate; sulfate gonadotropin; sulfuric acid 6-amino- purine; 1H- purine- 6-amine sulfate; pancreas sulfuric acid base
CAS: 321-30-2
(C5H5N5) 2 • H2SO4 • 2H2O = 404.37
Level : High Purity Grade
Content : ≥99.0%
Em (262nm, 0.01N HCl):) 13000
Solubility (0.05%, Water): Pass
Melting point : 205 ~ 215 ℃
Properties: white or almost white crystalline powder, soluble in water; slightly soluble in cold water is sensitive to light about 200 ℃ melted after drying 110 ℃, and decomposition 1G slightly soluble in 150ml water, soluble in sodium hydroxide. solution, slightly soluble in ethanol. not iodine solution, potassium iodide solution precipitation, but the case of trinitrophenol can produce precipitation. pH 2 at maximum absorption wavelength 260.5nm (ε13200), the minimum absorption wavelength of 229nm, absorbance ratio A250 / A260 = 0.76, A280 / A260 = 0.38
Purpose : research, experimental drug analysis .
Save : RT, dark