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  • Purine
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English name : Purine; 7H-Imidazo (45-d) pyrimidine; 9H-Purine
Other names : urine ( hetero) ring; tetraazaindene; 7H- imidazole (45-d) pyrimidine; imidazole and pyrimidine; purine base
CAS: 120-73-0
C5H4N4 = 120.11

Level : Puriss
Content : ≥98.5% (HPLC)
Melting point : 214 ~ 217 ° C
Properties: white to white or light yellow powder consists of a pyrimidine ring fused with an imidazole ring made ​​of fused heterocyclic compounds, soluble in water, alcohol, benzene, ether-soluble easy to form a base case of acid salts. aqueous solution was neutral to litmus. weakly alkaline, in the vacuum sublimation. purine for hot alkali and acid are stable. potassium permanganate solution will be cold and hot fuming nitric acid oxidation
Use: Biochemical studies
Save : 2 ~ 8 ° C