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Ding acyl hydrazine

Ding acyl hydrazine
  • Ding acyl hydrazine
  • Ding acyl hydrazine
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English name: DMASA; SADH; B-995; B9; Daminozide; Succinic acid 22-dimethylhydrazide
Other names: N- dimethylamino succinamic acid; N- dimethyl-succinyl hydrazide; daminozide; modulator 995; succinic acid mono (22- dimethyl hydrazide); succinic -N, N- dimethyl hydrazide; N- dimethylamino succinamide; 22- succinate dimethylhydrazine; mono (22- dimethyl hydrazide) succinic acid hydrazide
CAS: 1596-84-5
C6H12N2O3 = 160.17
Level: High purity grade
Content: ≥95.0%
Melting point: 145 ~ 146 ℃
Loss on drying: ≤0.5%
Properties: white crystalline solubility (25 ℃, the solvent can be dissolved per 100g grams): Water 10g, methanol 5g, acetone 2.5g, insoluble in lower aliphatic hydrocarbons to stand at room temperature for more than one year or placed in 50 ℃ 5 no more than a month have any impact on the chemical stability of the case of acid decomposition, alkali decomposition in case of slow toxicity:.. low toxicity to humans and animals in rats with acute oral LD50 8400mg / kg, rabbits acute percutaneous LD50) 1600mg / kg. birds, fish and low toxicity
Use: Biochemical studies of low toxicity plant growth regulator inhibit endogenous GA biosynthesis, but also inhibit the synthesis of endogenous auxin main role is to inhibit plant growth, and promote stocky, without affecting the fruit... crop increased cold, drought tolerance, to prevent shattering and promote strong stimulation effects. than well-stem, leaf into the plants, with the spread of nutrition leads to the site of action. broad spectrum of plant growth regulator
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