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  • Ethephon
  • Ethephon
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English name: Ethephon; 2-Chloroethylphosphonic acid; Chlorethephon
Other names: 2-chloroethyl phosphate; ethylene phosphorus; Ice Harrell; corn Roborant; (2-chloroethyl) phosphonic acid; 2-chloro-ethyl phosphonate
CAS: 16672-87-0
C2H6ClO3P = 144.49

Level: AR
Content: ≥85.0%
Acidity (HC1 meter): ≤10%
Melting point: 74 ~ 75 ℃
Relative density: 1.258
Properties: white to light brown solid or liquid, can easily absorb moisture, easy to heat in summer into liquid .PH (3, soluble in water and alcohol in the nature of the medium is very stable in alkaline media quickly liberate ethylene. PH begins to decompose when) toxicity: low toxicity plant growth regulators, mouse acute oral LD50 of 5110 mg / kg
Use: Biochemical studies is to promote maturation and aging plant growth regulators it via the plant stems, leaves, flowers, fruit absorb and then transfer to the plant cells because normal cells are in the PH value of 4 or more, then. ethylene production will decompose, acts as an endogenous ethylene plants, such as increasing the proportion of female or female organs, promote certain flowering plants, dwarf rice, corn and other crops, increased stem diameter, inducing adventitious root formation, stimulate certain plant Seed germination, accelerate leaves, fruit maturity, senescence and shedding, but ethephon can dig and root elongation growth hormone operation, etc. is a broad spectrum of plant growth regulator on agriculture, forestry, horticulture has a wide range purposes.
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