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  • Ethephon
  • Ethephon
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English name: Ethephon; 2-Chloroethylphosphonic acid; Chlorethephon
Other names: 2-chloroethyl phosphate; The Phon; Aisileer; Maize roborant element; (2-chloroethyl)-phosphonic acid; 2-chloroethyl phosphonic acid
CAS number: 16672-87-0

Level: Analytical standard

Melting point: 70~72℃
Appearance: white to light brown solid or liquid, easy to absorb moisture, easily heated into liquid in the summer. PH (3, easily soluble in water and alcohol. in the nature of the medium is stable in alkaline medium vinyl soon unleashed, PH), starts to break down. Toxicity: low toxicity of plant growth regulators, acute oral LD50 in mice of 5110 mg/kg
Use: biochemical studies. Is plant growth regulator to promote maturity and senescence. It can be acquired through the stems of the plant, leaf, flower, fruit absorbs, then transfer to plant cells. Due to General cytosol PH values were more than 4, and decomposition of ethylene, role of endogenous ethylene plants, such as increasing the proportion of female or female organs, some plants bloom, dwarf rice, corn and other crops, increasing stem diameter, induction of adventitious root formation, stimulate the germination of some plant seeds, accelerate leaf and fruit maturation, senescence and drop off. Ethrel you can draw out the functioning of the auxins and root elongation, etc. Is a broad spectrum of plant growth regulators in agriculture, forestry, gardening, have a wide range of uses.
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