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Choseal / Akihabara | lyh-0088 Fever Speaker Speaker Line Speaker Line Wrap Wrap Line 5.1

Choseal / Akihabara | lyh-0088 Fever Speaker Speaker Line Speaker Line Wrap Wrap Line 5.1
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Choseal / Akihabara lyh-008 ...
  • Brand: Choseal / Akihabara
  • Model: lyh-0088
  • Process: gold-plated
  • Color classification: 250 * 2
  • Wire Category: Speaker wire
  • Material: pure copper
  • Length: 1 meter

  • Brand: CHOSEAL / Akihabara
  • Product Name: 250-core audio speaker cable
  • Item: LYH-0088
  • series: International Department of the series
  • conductor: 99.99% OFC 4N oxygen-free copper + tinned copper + nerve line
  • shield: Double-layer imported sheath + tin +7 strands twisted pair technology
  • length: 1 m (how many meters to take how many pieces)
  • specification: (240 / 0.10 mm oxygen-free copper + 10/1 #) + (240 / 0.10 mm tinned copper + 10/1 #)) * 2F
  • package: 10m / roll, 20m / roll, 25m / roll, 30m / roll, 50m / roll, 100m / roll, 500m / roll. Specifications no stock, the default divergence line, do not make any form of notice! Please understand! Other length can be purchased by the meter, Cheung love can also consult our customer service!)
  • Environmental protection: In line with internationally accepted RoHS environmental standards
  • Security: China's product quality electronic monitoring network (95001111) only the entire volume with a label, scattered lines without labels
  • use: Widely used in audio, speaker cable to transmit audio signals, home decoration, conference rooms, public places sound engineering, home theater, audio and video equipment connection, engineering installation, car audio and so on ...
  • Be applicable: Home, study, living room, bedroom, office, business, conference, education, entertainment, games, cinema, restaurant, showroom, supermarket ...
  • Features: Imported double-layer sheath, conductor with enhanced protection, widening the interval, fidelity nerve lines, the EU environmental standards, electrical performance testing, long stretch rate, has entered the Ping An Insurance;
  • Reminder: Buy 10 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, 60 meters of the whole volume, and then enter the purchase page, in some areas will appear 包邮.

  1. Conductor with 4N high purity Oxygen-free copper , The signal transmission stability, attenuation is small, high transmission rate;
  2. Multiple conductors are added to the conductor Nerves , So that bass and separate transmission, bass transmission sound quality deep;
  3. High intensity signal enhancement Tinned copper , To further enhance the sound quality and life, anti-oxidation and anti-attenuation;
  4. Import the skin Sheathed environmental protection, Naisuan Jian wear, moisture, oil, high flexibility, Tensile strength and shock absorbers, durable;
  5. Aerospace grade polyethylene Imported insulation , To prevent signal interference, enhance antioxidant;
  6. The use of imported precision Pen Maji, Computer Penma, to ensure The accuracy of the length;
  7. Internal core 7 strands of twisted pair You can directly achieve the shielding effect, to ensure sound quality;
  8. Way channel, Bidirectional transmission , Without distinction between positive and negative;
  9. This product to the EU strict ROHS environmental protection Instruction requirements;
  10. Wire soft and easy to use, the entire disk without joints, access to user trust;
  11. The service life is ordinary 3 ~ 5 times;
  12. Double-widening interval between the anti-crosstalk, resistance to tensile, high tensile strength, anti-destructive power!

Features: Its main role is to restore high-fidelity recording sound field, so the lossless transmission of audio signals should be sufficient protection.General transmission line of different frequency signals have different impedance, this feature is reflected in the sound reduction of vague sound, for which people Produce a kind of intelligent signal line called high-quality speaker cable, this line is characterized by the signal according to the frequency level is divided into two channels, more than 5KHZ signal through the special material nerve line to transmit, 5KHZ the following signals Through the outer layer of the transmission line, which greatly improved the transmission line frequency characteristics, so that playback of the sound clear and transparent.

Oxygen-free copper + tinned copper + nerve line: Improve midrange and low frequency, can provide unparalleled audio with high resolution and high fidelity, allowing you to hear more music with deeper, tighter bass, better imaging, and powerful dynamic range.