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3-indolebutyric acid

3-indolebutyric acid
  • 3-indolebutyric acid
  • 3-indolebutyric acid
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English name: IBA; IUPAC ; 3-Indolebutyric acid
Other name: 4-(indol-YL) Butanoic acid; 3-indolyl-butyric acid; Indole-butyric acid; Indolebutyric acid; N indenyl butyric acid
CAS number: 133-32-4

Level: High purity grade
Content: ≥ 99%
Melting point: 122.5~123.0 c

Loss on drying: ¡ü 0.5%
Appearance: white or almost white or slightly yellow crystalline powder, slight special odor. Soluble in ethanol, diethyl ether and acetone, hardly soluble in water and chloroform. Toxic: poisonous, median lethal dose (mouse, oral) 100mg/kg
Use: biochemical studies. Indole is a broad spectrum of plant growth regulators is a good rooting agent, can promote rooting of cuttings of woody ornamental plants and herbs. Can also be used for fruit and fruit and improve fruit setting rate
Save: RT, protected from light