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α- naphthalene acetic acid

α- naphthalene acetic acid
  • α- naphthalene acetic acid
  • α- naphthalene acetic acid
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English name : NAA; α-Naphthaleneacetic acid; Planofix; 1-Naphthylacetic acid; Fruitone; Naphthalene-1-acetic acid
Other names : 1-naphthaleneacetic acid; 1-naphthyl acetic acid; α- naphthyl acetate; 2- ( 1-naphthyl ) acetic acid
CAS: 86-87-3
C12H10O2 = 186.21

Level : BR
Content : ≥98.0%
Melting point : 127 ~ 131 ℃
Loss on drying: ( 1.0%
Properties: white to beige crystalline powder, odorless boiling point 285 ℃ ( decomposition), slightly soluble in water, ethanol, soluble in soluble in water, acetone, ether, benzene, chloroform, acetic acid and lye. low toxicity, the median lethal dose ( rat, oral ) 1000mg / kg
Uses: used in organic synthesis and biochemical research, herbicides, plant growth -stimulating hormone naphthalene acetic acid is naphthalene having auxin activity of plant growth regulators, from the root, stem, leaf absorption of naphthalene acetic acid is widely used in agriculture and forestry. .. , vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and other fields, to induce adventitious root formation, improve the survival rate of trees in cuttings; improve fruit and prevent preharvest fruit drop
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