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30 alcohol

30 alcohol
  • 30 alcohol
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English name: Triacontanol; Melissyl alcohol; 1-Hydroxytriacontane; Triacon-10
Other names: 1-30 of alcohol; Bee flowers alcohol; 30 alcohol; 30 alcohol; 1-Hydroxy-n-30; Bee flowers alcohol
CAS number: 593-50-0
C30H62O= 438.83

Level: Reagent grade
Content: ≥ 92%
Melting point: 86.5~87.5 c
Appearance: white crystalline powder or flake. Soluble in ether, chloroform, dichloromethane and benzene hot, difficult to dissolve in cold ethanol and benzene, almost insoluble in water. Light, air, heat and alkali stability, its plant and animal drug
Use: biochemical studies. Plant growth regulators. Promotion of seed germination, enhanced photosynthetic uptake, fruit set, increase grain weight effects such as improved quality. Many plant waxes and insect waxes contain 30 alcohol. Concentration 0.01~1.0mg/L to make crop production, increased protein content in rice
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