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Betaine anhydrous

Betaine anhydrous
  • Betaine anhydrous
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English name: Betaine; Methanaminium; 2- (Trimethylammonio) ethanoic acid hydroxide inner salt; (Carboxymethyl) trimethylammonium hydroxide inner salt; Glycine betaine; Trimethylammonioacetate
Other names: sugar beet element; Trimethyl ammonium ethyl ester; Glycine methyl amine salt; Trimethyl glycine
CAS number: 107-43-7

Level: Ultra Pure Grade
Content: ≥ 99%
Melting point: 301~305℃
PH (25%, 25 ℃, aqueous solution): 0.8~1.2
Residue on ignition: ≤ 0.1%
Appearance: white crystalline powder. Soluble in water and alcohol. Solubility (per 100g solvents dissolve the product in grams): water 160, 55 of methanol, ethanol 8.7. Slightly soluble in ether. Yi Chao solution has a sweet taste. Generated in concentrated potassium hydroxide trimethylamine
Use: biochemical studies. Betaine amphoteric surfactant used as a levelling agent for VAT dyeing
Save: RT, protected from light. Valid for two years. 2-8 c save better. it is prohibited to mix with acids and bases shipped, stored; Prohibited high temperature baking