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Dedicated to the Pentium B50 | window trim modified full-package edge bright bar b50 stainless steel full window bright window

Product code: -23833300030
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Daoxi
  • Model: DX-CCST832
  • Scope: window trim
  • B50 'full width of the front triangle 10' wide plastic 'B50' fine front triangle full-window 16 '' wide-plastic 'B50' all-inclusive front triangle 10 full-width '' wide plastic ' B50 'all-inclusive front triangle full-window 16' 'wide-plastic' Pentium B50 'fine section of the front triangle 2' 'wide plastic' Pentium B50 'all inclusive paragraph before the triangle 2' 'wide plastic' Pentium B50 ' --- Bundle 4 'B50 in the column 6
  • Services: support the installation