Puiqiao P700 3.5MM stereo headphone plug four four 3.5mm headphone audio plug diy headphones

Puiqiao P700 3.5MM stereo headphone plug four four 3.5mm headphone audio plug diy headphones

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Tony Bridge
  • Model: P700
  • Procurement: Mainland China
  • Color Classification: White Red Gold Black Orange Silver

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Brand: Tony Bridge
Model: P700

Specifications: 3.5mm four DIY welding plug for headphones with wheat, (this is 4.0MM hole) in line with the fine headphones line will not be too loose

Configuration: a plug distribution of a heat-shrinkable tube, a tail cover (tail cover black plug with black, other colors with transparent white) heat shrink tubing can be purchased separately (if necessary, pro-contact customer service)

Applications: maintenance standard 3.5MM headset, for computers, notebooks, tablet PCs, MP3, MP4, CD machines and Apple, HTC, Samsung, Huawei and other brand mobile phone headset

Plug the use of copper surface plating gold, advanced conductive transmission performance.

In line with the thin headphone cable outlet will not be too loose Special launch (4.0MM hole)

Puiqiao P700 product features : Plug gold-plated, unique connector design, you can directly plug the first generation of IPHONE Apple phone, shell metal material, fastening connection, solid is not easy to rotate, the plug with the overall precision and reliable to prevent external high-frequency electromagnetic interference to make the transmission signal truly pure noiseless .

Strength manufacturers, bulk more concessions (100 batches please contact customer service)

The following figure3.5mm three DIY welding plug P699, click picture to enter the P699 product link

Heat shrinkable tube Description: This heat-shrinkable tube is not a general Oh, the goods inside the wall with hot melt adhesive, heating and melting automatically after the integration of cable contacts, pro-welding, please test the normal heating sleeve after Oh.

Heating tube method: can be heated hair dryer, the palm of your hand to plug the rear of the hair dryer can be quickly heated

Method 1: The whole 2.5CM all use, this method is only applicable to the wire diameter less than 2.8MM. Shrinkable heat shrink tubing can make this cable thicker, so that the terminal shell for 4.0MM aperture.

Method 2: cut heat shrink tube is 1.2-1.5CM, for more than 2.8MM cable.

Here are some of the Beiqiao P699 headphone plug repair methods and steps, just for reference. The first time students can look at the DIY

There are many customers often ask us how to wiring problems, which we have put together some common questions to answer, for reference only do not use as a specific method:

(1) Do-it-yourself maintenance customers please note: Before the maintenance, please check the original headset plug wire sequence, according to the original headphone plug wire sequence welding, this is the most simple and effective method.Also go online to search the relevant maintenance headphones line Order, can be used as a reference. We can not provide a detailed line sequence. Attached to a maintenance method as a reference: Http: // bangpaitaobaocom / group / thread / 16381827-291490868htm? Spm =
(2) can not really know the line sequence, the first arbitrary welding, and then edge welding test, of course, slightly higher on the technical requirements of a little, tin solder points need to be smaller, so as to facilitate the second welding.
Note: (Our headset can be welded several times, but the tin point needs to be handled well.)
(3) because the headphone brand countless, different manufacturers, which line sequence connection is not uniform. Therefore, there are a variety of wiring methods, the restaurant can not provide specific order line pro.