Uridine diphosphate glucose

Uridine diphosphate glucose

Product description:

English name : UDP-Glc; UDPG; Uridine 5'-diphosphoglucose disodium salt; Uridine-diphosphate-glucose disodium salt; Uridine [5 '] diphospho [1] -α-D-glucopyranose disodium salt
Other names : uridine 5'- diphosphate disodium glucose; glucose uridine 5' -diphosphate disodium salt; disodium uridine diphosphate glucose
CAS: 28053-08-9
C15H22Na2N2O17P2 = 610.27

Level : BioChemika
Content : ≥98.0% (HPLC)
Water by karl fischer: ≤8.5% (3mol / mol) ater by karl fischer
Solvent content: ≤5% by gas chromatography
Appearance: white or almost white powder, soluble in water to wet sensitive :.. 50mg / ml maximum absorption wavelength (pH2.0) 262nm
Use: Biochemical studies of methyl coenzyme M reducing stimulant .
Save : -20 ℃