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  • Guanosine
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English name: Guanosine; 2-Amino-9-beta-D-ribofuranosyl-9H-purine-6- (1H) -one hydrate; Guanine riboside Guanine riboside; 9- (beta-D-Ribofuranosyl) guanine; Guanine-9-beta-D-ribofuranoside
Other names: guanine nucleotides; Guanine nucleoside; 9-β-d-ribofuranoside guanine nucleotides; 9-β-d-ribofuranose guanine base; Guanosine; Guano glycosides; Guanine monophosphate; Furan-guanine nucleosides
CAS number: 118-00-3
Level: Ultra Pure Grade
Content: ≥ 99.0% (HPLC)

Loss on drying: ¡ü 2%
Heavy metals: ¡ü 10ppm
Appearance: white or white crystalline powder. Melting point of 250 ℃, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, ether. Soluble in acetic acid. Em (252.5nm, 0.01M PO4 buffer) : 12500~15000
Use: biochemical studies. Mainly used on industrial manufacturing of acyclic Guanosine, three nucleoside h-oxygen, sodium Guanosine triphosphate and other products of the main raw materials
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